What Pete did?

11 Jun

“It’s that mysterious thing called hype. I’ve looked under every rock, and I couldn’t find out what it means. Certain people hear a certain melody, and they’re attracted to it. I’m in love with that feeling. We’re looking for fun and adventure and a bit of redemption and somewhere to live. Everything else is a blind venture into the unknown.” – Former Libertine Pete Doherty on his own success.

“I think I only needed something to hold on to. It has never been about depravity. It’s always been about melody. But melody and I met in many depraved situations. Meeting melody is the victory of the empty spiralling nightmare.” – Doherty offering one excuse for his own appalling behaviour.

Ojalá dejará de estar tan empeñado en comportarse como un cliché inmaduro y autodestructivo. Eso no es verdaderamente subversivo.
Su último disco es maravilloso. Es la música, y tal vez el reto desafiante. No las drogas. No sea Vicious, sea Rotten. No sea Thunders, sea Strummer.


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