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Beat Takeshi

21 Ene

672c1a80bdbeef9e91af8079b964a06dquote-i-intentionally-shoot-violence-to-make-the-audience-feel-real-pain-i-have-never-and-takeshi-kitano-98-75-52El pasado 18 de enero cumplía 72 años el genio japonés Takeshi Kitano. Capaz de realizar humor alocado, ternura a flor de piel, lirismo, brutalidad, cine yakuza, drama histórico, metáforas sublimes, con películas a sus espaldas como Zatoichi, Dolls, Escenas frente al mar, Kids Return o Brother. Un maestro moderno.

I hate seeing people getting hurt or hurting other people. I hate seeing blood. I am very intolerant of physical pain. I find violence horrifying, so much so that I can’t help being intrigued by it.

Takeshi Kitano